Council Committees
The Dental Council is responsible for the regulation of the dental professions it is responsible for. The Dental Council has a governance, strategic and policy role.
Council has established the following committees:

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Advises the Council on its financial management, risk, control and compliance framework and its external accountability responsibilities.
Brent Kennerley - independent member, Grant Thornton (Chair)
Michael Bain
David Stephens
Leslea Eilenberg

Joint Australian Dental Council, Dental Council (NZ) Accreditation Committee

The purpose of this committee is to advise the Australian Dental Council (ADC) and the Dental Council (NZ) on accreditation matters including the criteria for accreditation and certification of education programmes for oral health practitioners leading to registration.
Current members of the committee are:
Prof Michael Morgan - [Chair & Coordinator, Dentist Programmes]
Prof Paul Abbott
Dr Lyndie Foster Page
Dr Deborah Cockrell - [Coordinator, Certification]
Ms Jan Connolly
Dr John Boucher - ex officio (President ADC)
Dr Michael Bain - ex officio (Chair DCNZ)
Prof Robert Love - [Coordinator, Dental Specialist Programmes]
Dr Neil Hewson
Ms Clare McNally - [Coordinator, Hygienist and Therapist Programmes]
Prof Ward Massey
Ms Jenny Miller
Dr Bruce Simmons
Ms Neroli Stayt